At KnowTern we know how difficult the move to remote learning has been for students. It is difficult to be engaged during a lecture when your wifi keeps cutting out due to overload. It’s hard to finish an essay when your computer keeps crashing before you can save your progress. 

As the Fall 2020 semester approaches, it seems that the prospect of it being fully virtual is ever-increasing. We provide aid to those students who may consider the cost of this new barrier to completing their degree as being too high to conquer alone.


Eligible Applicants

For eligibility, applicants must be undergraduate sophomores and juniors currently enrolled in a four-year accredited university who self-identify as Black, Hispanic, Native American, and/or LGBT.

* All majors are invited to apply but Business and STEM majors are preferred *



If selected, scholarship recipients will receive:

  1. Windows Laptop w/ Webcam

  2. Wifi Hot-Spot

Eligible runner-ups will receive a laptop