When his school moved to remote learning to finish out the spring semester, his learning environment was completely disrupted. Gone were the quiet learning areas in the library, high-speed wifi available throughout campus, and dependable desktops in the computer lab for writing essays.

Instead, this was replaced by a crowded home where he could barely comprehend a word his professor said due to yelling from family members. Along with a challenging learning environment, he's now left with a laptop that can't hold more than one or two PowerPoint presentations without running out of space. All of this has led him to seriously consider not enrolling for the Fall 2020 semester.

These are problems students like him are facing all across the country with Fall 2020 approaching and the ever-increasing probability of another semester of remote learning.



We want to provide students with the tools necessary for success in a remote learning environment so that they are able to continue pursuing their degree, even with another semester of virtual learning. For diverse students, especially sophomores, the fall semester is critical for landing internships at top companies.

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Image by Dan Farrell

Cost to provide a laptop and wifi hot-spot for one student: $1,000.