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Thank you Macerich

We would like to give a huge thank you to Macerich for their donation of 10 laptops to our organization.

With this donation, we are now able to expand our scholarship and offer a prize to eligible runner-ups!

Thank You Card.jpg

Meet KnowTerns First Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you Kris Alford and all donors working with KnowTern. This scholarship is a prime example of organizations helping students like me with backgrounds that are prone to oppression and unfair treatment in the professional world. Accepting this scholarship leads me to believe that I have a fair chance in this world to succeed and fulfill my goals. With a new laptop I have a place to store my class coursework and effectively attend online classes, and with a mobile hotspot I am able to study efficiently without worrying about whether there is free wifi available for me to use. Once again, thank you Kris and all the donors for assisting me in my academic journey."

- Misa Church

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